Rihanna’s Mosque Photoshoot

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” title=”Rihanna’s Mosque Photoshoot”>Rihanna’s Mosque Photoshoot

Religion Teachers around the world are probably the only people who can thank Rihanna for her Mosque Photo shoot which has caused quite a stir in the news headlines today!

Here we have the perfect opportunity to make religion relatable to our students! We have Rihanna an international pop super star in a Mosque. But what can our students learn from this photo shoot stunt?

Well…why not integrate it into a lesson plan on the Mosque/Inter-religious Dialogue etc? It teaches students about being respectful towards other religions and also teaches students about how one should act and dress with respect when going into a Mosque. It can also be used when teaching students about the features of a mosque. The opportunities are endless here. So thank you Rihanna!


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