FaithConnect Program


As a religious educator I find myself constantly battling with the negative attitude towards religious studies in my own classroom. I am always searching for new innovating ways to make faith development more relevant in my students lives. FaithConnect is an exciting new project that was developed by Veritas and Mater Dei Institute of Education.

It is an online resource for students and teachers of religious education with its main focus on the ‘The Search for Meaning and Values’. Having an online program allows teachers to connect religious learning whilst using an online medium. For students it connects something they know, love and are interested in-computers, internet and media with the their own religious development.

Students are given their own individual profile where they have access to a number of features such as my workbook, my journal, my blog, my class group and moments of prayer. All these features makes this faithconnect program highly interactive learning experience.

Click this link for more information:

There is also a profile given to teachers. On this profile teachers have the ability to set up new class groups, add new students and administer student accounts. There is also a strong security feature where the teacher has the ability to change students password settings and profiles, deactivate and reactivate accounts. It provides a new and creative way for teachers to provide feedback on students work throughout the year. One feature I quite like is the FaithConnect Staffroom where all teachers have access too. Here there is a discussion forum where teachers can share ideas and keep in touch.

For more information check out this link:

There is also an accompanying student workbook that you can buy in Veritas for €15.00


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