Behavior Traffic Lights System (Inclusive behavior management in the classroom)


The behavior traffic light system is used for addressing behavior problems in the classroom.  It is a level systems which works on allowing the child to earn privileges for good behavior rather than punishing for bad behavior. In this system levels of behavior correspond to a color-red, amber and green.

Red: The class is engaging in severe and disruptive behavior and needs to stop

Amber: Minor disruptive behavior. Used a a warning to prevent heading to red.

Green: Class is behaving well.

I was recently introduced to this behavior technique by a fellow teacher on twitter. I teach religion to 6th and 5th class students from an educate together school. I have the class once a week for an hour so establishing class room rules is quite difficult and with no school working with me providing other forms of behavior management is quite difficult. This method however works really well. It is simple and effective.

One aspect I quite like is that the whole class have to pull together and work as a team to reach green by the end of the class. If they reach green they get a prize. However, if one student is misbehaving the whole class feel the consequences. It gives the students who want to learn a voice to stand up to the student who is the chatterbox and the disrupter and leaves you the teacher to carry on with your lesson. The whole class become the enforcers of good behavior and not you.

It also can be used in an inclusive classroom for example if you have a child in your classroom that has autism. This is a great reward system for them. Check out this link for more details:

Here’s a picture of my own Traffic lights I created:



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