Go Animate: Make your own Video online! Teaching Resource


Are you creative, imaginative and constantly looking for new exciting ways to engage your students? Why not try Go Animate.com. This is a web based application that allows you to create animated videos for free. It enables users to create their own animated video which is then posted online.

From my own personal experience of Go Animate the software is relatively simple to use however it is time consuming. I would hesitate to use it in a classroom with your students as the content on it is available to the public and as a result some of the video’s might not be suitable for the classroom. A good tip to remember here is that you can limit whole class activities by prohibiting access to the public section of the site. Your videos can also be made either public or private.

Video tutorials are available online to teach you how to use go animate quickly and efficiently. You can choose from a number of different templates, themes and characters.

A good idea if you have use of the computer room for a class or would like students to do a project using video animation.  You could sum up key points of a lesson, ask the class questions and provide answers using a very simple animated video there are loads of activities that can be incorporated into go animate.

Here is a quick video I made when exploring the webpage:



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