Padlet (Wallwisher) in the Classroom: Online Notice Board Tool


Wallwisher aka Padlet is a free online web 2.0 application that allows you to create a bulletin board online. Here you can display information on any chosen topic. All you have to do is create an account and build your notice board. Once you have built your wallwisher you can add images, links, videos and text. It is on online tool but you can also download app’s for Android and iOS devices.

Using this in the classroom with your students can be done very easily. One feature I quite like is you have simple security features: Private, Public or moderated by you the teacher. However, there is one slight disadvantage. The safest setting is to have your bulletin board on private, yet if you would like to give your students the freedom to post on the wall you will have to make it open to comments from the public. Once the class is over making the page private again will prohibit “outsiders” from interacting with any students the online notice board. Your wall is also controlled by a password which set by you.


Check out this link for some creative idea’s to help you incorporate Padlet/Walwisher into your classroom:

Some examples I thought of:

  • Plan events (tasks, class projects and action plans)
  • Keep notes (allow students to write notes, ideas and thoughts on the lesson up on the wall)
  • Hold a class discussion
  • Post a question and let the students respond
  • Collect feedback to a lesson, video, book
  • Add images (college made by class group)

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