Evernote App for Education


Evernote is an app designed for your Ipad, Iphone or Mac Laptop for the sole purpose of taking notes. I had tried Evernote before but I never got into it until recently. The one thing I love about Evernote is that you have all the information you need indexed and searchable across every platform you have such as from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Another aspect I find brilliant is recording programs off the radio etc and having my own notes typed up along side the recording.

Web Clipper

Have you ever found articles online and simply saved them to a browers bookmark folder or dragged the link into your desktop? Of course, we all have. However, using Evernotes Web Clipper extension you can now save any articles or websites you have found and save it with your own notes. Using Web Clipper you can makes your own notes to accompany an article, save it with other notes you have already made for a certain project etc. I found found this a great resource for finding and storing information related to my thesis topic.

Bonus tip: Evernote’s Web Clipper also integrates with Google.

Notebook Tags

So we all have heard of tags through social networking. Evernote use Tags as a way to manage the multitude of notes that you have. Tags can be useful if you have notes that you think could fit into multiple notebooks—or are on the same subject—without getting overwhelming. You don’t need to tag every note you have, and you only need a few really important ones. It basically makes your archive easier to search through with Evernote’s advanced search operators.

You can also create as many notebooks as you like. These notebooks act like folders. Make sure you store your notes in “notebooks” as it allows you to store larger volumes of work and with great organization features.

Bonus Tip I FOUND ONLINE: Create a notebook called _INBOX, right-click on it, and make it your default notebook. That way, any new notes you send to Evernote show up in this inbox, at the top of your list of notebooks, ready for you to funnel into one of your other notebooks.

Once you have begun to build your own Evernote notebooks with your own notes don’t worry about finding notes and endlessly searching for notes you made. Evernote can link everything to together. Right-click on one of your notes and choose “Copy Note Link.” Then, paste that link into another note for quick access later.


Video to demonstrate how evernote can be used in the education:


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