Human Rights Lesson Plan Part 1 (for CSPE and RE teachers)

Prepare and Introduction (10 Minutes)

Flashcard containing words like shelter, water, food, television, music etc will be placed on the whiteboard. Students will arrange them into two categories: esstential and material. This idea of essential items will be developed further with the use of images. Images will show education, love, friendship, playing, home. Each student will examine the images and write down what they think each image represents. Class will discuss answers and come to an understanding that what we need like food and water we also have a right to.

Power point (10 minutes)

Begin by setting the scene as imaginatively as possible. The following paragraph might be a useful introduction.

‘A colony is to be established on Planet X, an ‘Earth-like’ planet in the Gamma quadrant. You are lucky to have been chosen for this exciting new life! Your colony has the initial task of drawing up a code of rights for everyone on the planet. This will be done in several stages.’

The journey through space

Explain to the pupils that they are on their way to Planet X and are now in hyper-isolation. Ask each pupil to draw up a personal list of ten essentials that they feel they need for their new life. These might be practical things they will need to survive, but they could also be ideas about how life on the new planet is to be organised. They should rank their list in order, with ‘1’ as the most important.

Writing List (10 minutes)

Students will compose list of 10 essentials they need on their journey. When they have completed their list they will discuss it with the person beside them.

  1. Why they chose these items?
  2. How important they are to them?
  3. Could they live without any of the items?
  4. Are any of the things on the list material possessions?

In planetary orbit

Whilst pupils circle Planet X they meet up with a fellow traveller. Ask each pupil to share her list of essentials with a partner and agree on a shared list of ten rights. They should note down their reasons for deciding what to include and what to leave out and keep these lists for later reference.

Group work (10 minutes)

On landing

Now that pupils have landed on the new planet, each pair should join together with another and agree a common list of ten rights.


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