Football Style Behaviour Cards

Football Style Behaviour Cards

I recently stumbled across a book by Nicola S. Morgan entitled Quick, Easy and Effective Behaviour Management Ideas for the Classroom.

I am constantly looking for new initiative ways to promote and encourage good behaviour in my classroom and to discourage any negative behaviour from entering my classroom. I also teach children with special needs in particular autism so looking for new classroom management techniques that are all inclusive is vital.

Within this book I found a behavior management system called Football style behavior cards. There are two main cards the “Yellow Card” and the “Red Card”.

Yellow Card

The Yellow Card acts as a warning to a child that they are displaying inappropriate behavior. This card is shown to the child and a warning strike is placed on the strike card on the classroom wall. If the child displays inappropriate behaviour for a second time they are shown another yellow card, which is also recorded on the Strike Chart. If the student proceeds to display inappropriate behaviour for a third time in the same day the child is shown the Red Card.

Red Card

When a child displays inappropriate behaviour for a third time on the same day or in the same class they are given a Red Card. A strike is once again placed on the strike board and you then follow the discipline of the school note in the journal, detention etc. If they receive three red cards in one week the school behaviour policy will need to be implemented further.

Time Out

The time out system is an effective and widely used approach when dealing with children and students who display challenging behaviors. When a student displays inappropriate behaviour place them in an environment with limited sensory stimulation (Desk facing blank wall) or send them to a designated room within the school. Here they can reflect on their behaviour and calm down. This time is not used as a punishment but a time for the child to clam down.

Chill Out Time or the Green Card

“Chill out time” is an effective way for a child to remove themselves from a situation before they react inappropriately. They do this by showing the teacher a Green Card or verbally asking for some chill out time. This is particularly useful for any students who have special needs in your classroom. Designate an appropriate safe area within your classroom where the child can go for 5 minutes to calm down, listen to music, read a book, draw a picture or just sit and think. This space can be used pro-actively to prevent behaviours. It can also be used after behaviour occurs to give the student a chance to re-focus.


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