Lesson Plan: The Rosary (relating to the rosary in today’s world for teenagers)

Lesson Outline

Students will read the outlines of the Leaving Certificate Applied Syllabus on Prayer. They will highlight and underline the key points that they must know when writing up about what they have learnt within each lesson in their journals.

Students will watch a power point containing images of celebrities wearing rosary beads and people with rosary bead tattoos. Students will discuss and write down reasons why they believe people get tattoos of the rosary beads and wear them around their necks.

Students will examine the life of three celebrities: Cheryl Cole, The Situation and Eminem. All three of these celebrities went through a hard time in their own personal lives. Such as drug abuse and rehab and a divorce.

Students will realize that we should not judge those who wear Rosary beads. We should consider that some people wear them as a reminder of their struggle, to feel comforted by something greater than themselves such as Mary or Jesus.

Students will consider 3 questions:

1) Who is there to support you in your life?

2) Who loves you unconditionally?

3) When you were young and you had a fight with your friends, brother or sister, fell off your bike, needed somebody to talk to who was there to make you feel better?

Students will discover that just like we have turned to our mother for comfort as we grew up. Many people today turn to Mary the mother of Jesus for comfort. They do this by praying the Rosary.

Students will study the History of the Rosary. They will write out a quick timetable containing the key developments of the Rosary from the 4th to the present day.

Students will examine The Betrothal of The Arnolfini by Jan Van Eyck. This picture will show how the Rosary beads have evolved over time and have been around for centuries.

Worksheet to accompany.


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