Did Darwin Kill God? (Lesson Plan)

Did Darwin Kill God? (Lesson Plan based around Conor Cunningham Video)

Learning Outcomes:

• Know who Darwin was and what he was like.

• Understand why some people at the time found his ideas threatening.

• Realize that people can change the world by big ideas.

• Explore why Darwin is considered significant today.

• Identify what is worth knowing about Darwin and why.

Who is Charles Darwin? 10 minutes

PowerPoint on Charles Darwin. This power point will show images of who Charles Darwin was, provide a brief history about him and his book Origin of Species. It will highlight how he was reluctant to publish he book on Evolution, as he knew the church would hold serious objections.

Discussion questions:

Describe how Charles Darwin used the scientific method to develop his theory of evolution.

What were some of the influences on Darwin as he developed his theory?

Why was Darwin reluctant to publish his theory?

Biblical fundamentalists 10 minutes

Outline and describe who Biblical fundamentalists were. Emphasis that they believed the Bible should be understood and translated through “literal” means.

Explain and discuss the term Literal.


Who were biblical fundamentalists?

What does to translate something literally mean?

Do you think their approach was correct?

Compatibility 15 minutes

Explore the idea of Ultra Darwinists and how some believe it paved the way towards modern atheism. Investigate those who say that both the theory of evolution and the belief in God are completely compatible i.e. that Darwin’s theory isn’t atheistic in the slightest but instead coherent with what is said in the bible.


Charles Darwin Worksheet


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