Part 2: Nuremberg and Anne Frank lesson plan

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will examine the effects of discrimination on one Jewish family: The Frank Family.
  • Students will explore and examine the inside of the Annex where the Frank family stayed in hiding.
  • Students will read an extract from Anne Franks Diary.
  • Students will know what happened to the Frank family during the Holocaust.

Students will watch a quick video to reinforce what they have learnt in previous lesson. They will then engage in verbal questions and answers on the topic of world war two and discrimination against the Jewish community. They will identify who the Frank family were and what happened to them during the war. Answers will be written on the whiteboard.

Annex tour and Diary entry 10 minutes

Students will take a tour of the annex online. They will identify the rooms where the Frank family lived. They will take a closer look in the room of Anne Frank. They will then read an extract from Anne’s diary. The extract will highlight how Jews were discriminated against in Holland and it will also help the students gain a better understanding of who Anne was and what her personality was like.

Discovered and Arrested 10 minutes

Students will watch a video describing the events of the Franks family arrest. They will be given a worksheet related to the video. Questions must be answered during the video. When the video has concluded students will read out their answers.

The Fate of the Frank family 10 minutes

Students will watch a second video extract portraying the further discrimination faced by the Frank family. The video will describe life after living in the Annex and how the family were separated and never saw each other again. Students will answer questions on a worksheet related to the video. Answers will be read out at the end of class.

Anne Frank Worksheet


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