Junior Certificate RE: Section B Foundations of Religion: Christianity

Over the next term I will be preparing my third year students for the religion exam in June. I have decided to prepare slideshow presentations on each section to help my class revise and study for each topic. Each slideshow is accompanied by worksheets to help the students write down the key points they will need to learn and remember for their exam. It is in a way a crash course of each section on the RE syllabus.

I hope all RE teachers find this helpful. I apologies in advance as slideshare does not let you include animations or fancy fonts that I have used throughout the presentation. However, I hope the content helps.

Christianity Worksheet 1

Christianity Worksheet 2

Link to download worksheets: Christianity Worksheet 1


Junior Certificate Religion Journal

As RE teachers one of the biggest hurdles we must conquer is the religion journal with exam classes. Below I have included a powerpoint and worksheets I used to help students and teachers when writing up their journal work. The power point and worksheets include a checklist for students to keep organised and up to date with what they have done and need to do, helpful hints and keywords that students will need to include in their write up in order to help them achieve the max points.

I hope they help!

RE Journal Student Checklist

RE Journal Work Helpful Hints