New Blog for Students!


Every teacher can agree that in their classroom their students are number 1. All we care about and hope for is that any bit of knowledge we try to pass down to our students will somehow stick and stay with them. So, as I passed out my 10,000th worksheet and prepared another power point presentation…I decided to write a blog designed with my students educational experience in mind. The aim of this blog was to help my students and any other students studying Religious Education for Junior Certificate. This new blog contains, power point presentations, worksheets, videos and other useful websites for students who missed class and for student who are preparing for their exams.

It is currently a work in progress however, I hope by using this blog I can keep all my resources in one place save online and I can help my students learn through a multitude of resources.

A little side note if you are in a Green School it also helps save Paper 🙂

Clink Here to View my new Student Blog!

I hope this helps other teachers and students out there 😉

Happy Studying