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Nuremberg Laws and Anne Frank Lesson Plan

Introduction Exercise

Have students draw a circle, divided into six or eight sections. In the center should be the student’s name. Each section should then be filled in with a different area of importance to the student. Examples are: my pet, hiking, girl or boy scouts, my church or synagogue, school and, my best friend. After the students have completed their circle, discuss which areas would have been denied to them because of who they were. The Nuremberg Laws resulted in the eventual loss of identity of each victim by systematic denial.

Case Study of Nazis and Jewish families in Holland

Read article that portrays life in Holland for Jewish families. Explain that Jew’s could not own pets or bicycles. They also had a strict curfew to obey. Nazi Youth was the only youth organization allowed. Synagogues were destroyed during Kristallnacht and finally many friendships between Jews and non-Jews were torn apart (often from fear of being associated with Jews). Friendships were also destroyed between those Christians who supported and did not support the Nazi regime. Reference the Nuremberg Law’s for more restrictions. The Nuremberg laws were passed on September 15, 1935. Nazi Germany instituted a series of laws designed to make freedom increasingly difficult for the Jews and to restrict their freedom.

Nuremberg laws worksheet 2 Nuremberg laws worksheet

Answer Questions on Article.


Introduction to Anne Franks family living in Holland. This video will be used as a Case study on how the Nuremberg laws affected one Jewish family.